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Issues of the Day Beautiful Souls in the Subway

(New York City) - Heading for the platform after purchasing my ticket for the Number 6 downtown local at the
Lenox Hill Station (77th Street and Lex) in Manhattan, I heard melodious riffs filter past the rumbles, roars and chatter that characterize the busy stop.  Standing on the platform were five middle-age black men gathered around a portable organ and serenading all listeners with soft sixties Soul and Easy Listening music, melodies I had heard when I was a teen. Given that the trains were on a weekend schedule, none were rushing to gather those assembled, Our waiting was softened by a wonderful interlude of pleasing song. While some people stood by impassively, many other passengers, myself included, listened contently. I gleefully dispensed the loose change I had in my pocket into the quintet's collection hat as the train finally arrived and its doors opened.    

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