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Issues of the Day Joseph Cedar's "Footnote," an Extraordinary Film

(Jerusalem) - Back home in Israel on a Saturday night, my wife and I went to see the celebrated Israeli director Joseph Cedar's latest movie, Footnote. I was eager to see the film, the winner of the Cannes 2011 Prize for Best Screenplay (by Cedar). Images and the message of the director's war film Beaufort (2007) still haunt me, especially now when my two children are in the middle of their military service.

 I won't go into detail about the film but I will say that it deals with exquisitely Talmudic-like dilemmas and fiery passions of Biblical intensity in an extraordinary way. His treatment touches on psychology, philosophically, philology and sociology in a multi-layered way. The film is not flawless, but it confirms that Cedar is capable of brilliance.

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