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Issues of the Day Israelis Demand Power to the People

It was my privilege to be among the 10,000 Jerusalem-area residents, in turn part of 150,000 Israelis, who took to the streets throughout the country last night. In a rally within earshot of Prime Minister Netanyahu's residence, a diverse crowd of mostly twenty- and thirty-something, peaceful but determined demonstrators assembled and made clear that the people have had enough of the Netanyahu government's policies. "The People Demand Social Justice," was the most repeated call. "The People Demand Public Housing, Public Health and Public Education," was also fervently expressed.    

The growing wave of grassroots opposition to the policies or inertia of the Netanyahu government  have built in momentum over the last few weeks starting with the doctor's strike, now past its fourth month. Then came the cottage cheese Facebook protest over the prohibitive rise of dairy products; the protest forced the dairy cartel to lower its prices. Following this came the tent cities throughout the country protesting the lack of affordable housing; these settlements have now sprouted  in every major city and town. There is also the "strollers march" of young families who find the cost of childrearing stretch their household budgets to the breaking point.

In response to another Facebook campaign,  a general strike is being called for tomorrow (August 1), to which the Union of Local Authorities has already responded by saying they will not offer services to the public, thereby freeing municipal workers to join the protests.

A locomotive of change has been placed on track and is churning forward. A nonviolent revolution is in the offing and the radical market policies of successive Likud-based governments has been rejected with a public call for the institution of social democracy and state intervention to insure the needs of all Israeli citizens. All sectors are represented in this New Day: Jews, Arabs and Druze, across generations. 

The People of Israel are demanding the end of the benighted rule that has transpired here since 1977 and the rule of successive Revisionist governments.

At a time when Israel is maligned the world-over due to the failure of the Netanyahu government to actively seek peace, the end of this nightmare is within sight. This is not due to UN resolutions or boycotts but because the Israeli public demands reforms and is ready to depose the rule of the Right whose constituencies include the economic elite, the settler movement and the anti-democratic forces in coalition with them.

Long live this revolution!

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