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Issues of the Day Brain Storming for Change Throughout Israel: Round Tables 2021

Following a lapse of several months, the movement for social justice which swelled in the form of rallies, marches and tent cities throughout the country last summer, appears to be resurging, albeit in another form: Rather than focusing solely on protest, the movement, with culminated in rallies involving 450,000 of Israel's 7.8 million citizens on Sept. 3rd, is now in search of concrete change. To do so, the latest manifestation of  hope for a more just future is turning to one of the country's greatest resources, the minds of its citizens from all walks of life.

This Thursday, Dec. 8th Israelis will have their say in a highly innovative forum: Round Tables 2,021, where people who wish to express their concerns for the state of Israeli society today and their hopes for the future will convene in locations – community centers, schools and colleges --  throughout the country.  

Under banner slogans such as "From Debate to Influence," and "I've  had enough of just talk," "The Marker [an Israeli economic newspaper and website associated with the daily Haaretz] and a broad coalition of groups and movements invite you to go from discussion to influence at 2021 round tables designated at tens of sites throughout the country, the largest event of its type to have taken place in Israel. You are invited to attend the event closes to your home and join together to outline a path of change. This is your opportunity to influence."

Over four hundred round tables venues have been identified from the northern border to the southern reaches of the country, under the sponsorship of student organizations, chambers of commerce, environmental organizations, the kibbutz and moshav movements, women groups and academic institutions.

Significantly, Arab centers are conspicuous among the listing of locales. Nazereth, Uhm al-Fahm, Sacknin, as well as Jewish sites on the West Bank, will be hosting the brain storming sessions.

Word of the intiative has been passed by word-of-mouth, internal communications of institutions and organizations, email and social networks like Facebook.


This latest morphing of the movement for change in Israel is entirely spontaneous and offers an alternative to the gridlock of the country's partisan politics.

It is a people's movement and chock full of hope. 

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