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Issues of the Day Peacemakers Turn Their Sights on Nigeria
I recently viewed a remarkable video, "Dialogue in Nigeria" which depicts the Second International Conference on Youth and Interfaith Communication held in Jos, Plateau State. The video was sent to me by my friends, Libby and Len Traubman of San Mateo, California in the US who for many years have led the Jewish Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group. They were the facilitators of the "Dialogue in Nigeria" conference given their wonderful experience in promoting dialogue among adversaries.
The video, which is very well done, documents a weekend conference held during October 2010 in which youth (perhaps more appropriately, youthful) leaders from throughout Nigeria, Africa's most populous country, gathered in an attempt to discover means for transcending the sectarian violence, primarily between Christian and Moslems, that has wracked their country.
I was profoundly impressed while watching the participant interact during a carefully composed series of conference activities that emphasized communication and dialogue. The effectiveness of these techniques was obvious, as this group of proud, articulate Nigerians resolved to overcome their differences in the interest of equality and the good of their nation, indeed, of all humanity.
The Traubmans, through the New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria and the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group are making the video available free to anyone who is interested. I encourage all people involved in peace work and furthering coexistence to write to request the video at You will benefit, as I have, from viewing the video and encountering the approach it takes. 

"Dialogue in Nigeria", the video.  

The Facilitator's Guide for the activities depicted on the video can be obtained at 

Jewish Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group 

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