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Issues of the Day Workshop on Publishing for Independent Authors

I will be offering a four session workshop for independent authors interested in utilizing new models of publishing that confer greater control over their works. The workshop will be given at David Yellin College of Education in Jerusalem, where I direct the Text and Publishing Studies Program. The workshop will take place on the evenings of April 16-17 and April 23-24.


Designed for authors, editors and translators interested in exploring new opportunities for independent (self-) publishing, this introductory workshop will familiarize participants with changes underway in the established publishing industry and the emergence of new publishing models. 

Presentations will focus on: the impact of digitization on print publishing and the emergence of alternative publishing models; the stages of publishing (editorial, production, marketing, promotion, distribution and sales) and their sequencing; the stages and processes of independent publishing, and;  tools and resources for managing the publishing campaign.


People living in Israel who are  interested in more information are invited to contact Mr. Moshe Safarty at the School of Continuing Education, David Yellin College of Education at tel. (02) 658-7528 or by writing to

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