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Issues of the Day Adapting to a Changing Environment

A recent report by the world body mandated to monitor climate change and promote policies relating to it is the subject of two pieces I have posted in the last week. The report details the vital importance of governmental and societal planning for changes in the planetary environment. These changes, including subtle trends like unusual weather and more dramatic climate events and extreme weather, are already being felt and are expected to get worse.

In an article, Time to Adapt to Climate Change,  printed in the online Middle East environmental news site, Green Prophet on April 10th, I point out that in light of failed international diplomacy to bring about meaningful reductions in carbon emissions due to fossil fuel use in industry, energy production and transportation, finding ways to adapt to climate change is indispensible for human survival. This is the message that is contained in the  report issued late last month by the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in Geneva.


In another article, Israel and Its Neighbors Must Adapt to Climate Change – Together that appeared in the April 4th issue of The Times of Israel, I stress the need for regional and international cooperation in contending with global change. This is especially true in the Middle East, where the scarcity of land and water resources and the fragility of shared ecosystems makes collaboration imperative. 

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