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Issues of the Day Israel’s Greentech and Cleantech: Marks of Distinction

An article in today’s issue of Haaretz reports that Israel ranks internationally second only to Denmark in the development of innovative technologies for environmental remediation. These systems are employed for environmental cleanup such as containing pollution and hazardous wastes and identifying ways to prevent the loss of water and other resources through seepage or inefficient usage.


Israeli firms are also pioneers in Greentech, which refers to technologies that promote alternative energy sources (solar panels, geothermal generation,  wind turbines), the reuse and recycling of waste, and the development of biologically degradable and environmentally-friendly materials, medications, personal use products and other items used in households and throughout the entire ecosystem.


Three Israeli Greentech firms have won particular praise recently. The Arava Power Company, which started off as a small kibbutz enterprise and has become the country’s largest supplier of solar energy, has been praised for its regulatory breakthroughs and its partnership with the Siemens corporation for the manufacture of small- and medium-size solar energy systems.   


An article this week on the Mideast environmental website Green Prophet profiles UniVerve, a firm that “has gained international recognition for its microalgae technology, including at an appearance this March at the World Biofuels Markets, which can successfully produce bio-oil from third generation biomass,” according to by Shifra Mincer, the article’s author.   


A piece in ISRAEL21c describes a major breakthrough in environmentally-friendly printing based on a technology called nanography developed by an American immigrant to Israel, Benny Landa.   The system uses a special ink and a low-energy production method that applies micro-particles to paper and other surfaces. In the article, author Abigail Klein Leichman notes that Israel  is positioned to compete with Germany, the current leader,  in digital print technologies.


These Israeli enterprises combine knowledge-based entrepreneurship with socially responsible sensibilities that contribute not only to their stakeholders but to society at large. They are to be commended and others like them encouraged. 

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