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Issues of the Day Talking About Dance of the Uroboros

Last evening 4Locals, the writers ensemble consisting of Joanna ChenKathryn JacobiJanice Weitzman and myself, read from our works and at a literary evening sponsored by the Bet Israel Community Association in Netanya, Israel.

The audience was a welcoming one and we were gratified by the reception we received.

While I read from Rise, A Novel of Contemporary Israel, this event was the first time that I spoke publicly about my new work, Dance of the Uroboros. I am now working on the final chapter of Uroboros and after a critical read and some further revision, I hope to submit the work for editing during the first part of 2014.


I look forward to presenting Dance of the Uroboros, which describes the soul-searching of  Eitan, who is contending with a mortal disease. While awaiting a liver transplant he is unsure will arrive in time, he discovers how he might better live if he survives.


The book is about hope, enlightenment and reconciliation with oneself. I think anyone who has brushed up against his or her mortality will be able to relate to this work.  


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