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Issues of the Day Israel to Shift to a Quality-of-Life Policy Focus?

According to an article today by Haaretz columnist Meirav Arlosoroff, the social protests of 2011 have had ongoing influence: A report entitled "Well-Being Sustainability, and Resilience Indicators" (in Hebrew) is slated to propose replacing the highly problematic Gross Domestic Product (GDP) index in guiding government policy.

In effect, quality of life and sustainability indicators would replace macroeconomics in gauging the welfare of Israeli citizens.


As Arlosoroff states the "report outlines a groundbreaking set of measures" that could "put the spotlight on Israel as a center for public-policy innovation."


Initiated by the Environmental Protection Ministry, the report was written in collaboration with the Finance and other ministries as well as the Prime Minister's Office. Although it is difficult to see how this promising approach dovetails with the government's inclination toward free market economics, it should be welcomed and widely discussed.

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