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Issues of the Day Hamas: By Its Words and Its Deeds

Last night at 23:46, fourteen minutes before the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas was due to expire and at the end of an evening when more than thirty missiles were fired from Gaza into Israeli civilian centers, civil defense alarms sounded in  Jerusalem and its vicinity, including the suburb where I live.


My family and I had a minute and a half to respond to the alarm. We entered the protective space in our home where we remained for ten minutes -- nine minutes after hearing the explosion of the incoming missile being intercepted by Israel’s air defenses.  


The thousands of missiles and rockets they have been shot into Israel over the past two months were deployed with unabashedly lethal intent against civilians. For the record, Israeli Arab and Palestinian villages are within walking distance of where I live. The point is that the rocket fire from Gaza is indiscriminate.


The Hamas Worldview

According to the Hamas worldview, which is clearly articulated in the Hamas Charter, ends justify means. The lives of Palestinian civilians, like Israeli ones, are subordinate to the broader goal of the movement’s ideology, which is aimed at imposing a totalitarian Islamic state in both Israel and Palestine following the “liberation” of Jerusalem.


Hamas’s struggle has nothing to do with the liberation of the Palestinians. It is an elite, revolutionary movement with a sectarian, authoritarian and religiously fundamentalist agenda. The means it employs in the territory it controls is repressive and it’s method relies exclusively on violence and fermenting hatred.  It relies on a well-armed terrorist army with no constructive social program and an exclusivist worldview that is opposed to coexistence.


The Hamas movement remains devoted to wreaking terror throughout Israel. Hamas has devoted the resources at its disposal to create a maze of command centers, tunnels and rocket launch pads under and within the population it controls.  That infrastructure does not include civil defense capabilities for the residents of Gaza. Its strategy is entirely offensive, not defensive in purpose.


The Road to Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Israeli and Palestinian leaders have made numerous errors over the past decades that have tragically delayed a resolution to the conflict between their two nations. The road to an independent Palestine coexisting alongside the State of Israel will not be easy, but the process is inevitable and will eventually succeed as the result of negotiations, mutual recognition, cooperation and peace education.


Forward-looking Israelis and Palestinians and people of goodwill elsewhere know this and yearn for the coming to fruition of this process. Our supporters around the world share and seek to further this vision.


In their words and by their deeds, Hamas and its jihadi allies continue to exclude themselves from the peace process. They have no future in the new Middle East.   


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