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Issues of the Day Britexit, A Step in the Wrong Direction

It seems to me a shame that the people of the UK have voted to leave the European Union.

My research on the Middle East and elsewhere shows that international cooperation is vital in a globalized world faced with challenges like climate change, terrorism, burgeoning numbers of refugees, resource scarcity and the wonton violence that confronts all of us. Solutions to these issues require coordinated planning and action across borders.


Learning to balance short-term particularistic concerns with long-term global ones suggests that "Britexit" may be a turn in the wrong direction. It seems a course based on insularity and chauvinism that too many "leaders" in Europe and elsewhere, along with a man called Trump in the US, are dangerously pursuing.


I wish that we in the Middle East had the stability and farsightedness to meet global and regional challenges in a coordinated fashion based on dialog which is what the EU, for all its shortcomings, seeks to do for Europe. Only in this way can the frightening challenges of these times be overcome.   

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