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Issues of the Day Israel and Tunisia: Shared Environmental Fates

 As the bird flies, Tunisia and Israel are separated by 2400 kilometers. The former is toward the western end of the Mediterranean, the latter embraces the Sea’s eastern edge. The countries do not have diplomatic or other formal relations, though there are aspects of shared culture introduced by people of Tunisian origin who have made their lives in Israel.


The two countries and those around them in the macro region known as MENA (Middle East and North Africa), share a similar natural resource base including inland deserts and relatively long coastlines.


Share the MENA Region

They are also situated in the same part of the world that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)  believes will be among the hardest hit by global warming.


It will take resolve, lifestyle changes and the more sustainable use of our natural resources to cope with the challenges ahead. No single people will be able to go it  alone. We all draw our sustenance from a shared suite of vital environmental services and common resources that cross borders and pass beneath them.  


International cooperation coupled with appropriate technology are essential to getting us through the perils ahead.


I explain this in a bit more depth in an article entitled, “Tunisia’s Drought is Israel’s Concern” published today in The Times of Israel.



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