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Text and Publishing Studies

No Dumping, Rewards Available, NYC, Jan 2011

Founding Editor, The 21st Century Text, a digital journal reporting on developments in text preparation and international English.Published by the Text and Publishing Studies Program, David Yellin College of Education. Jerusalem. Spring 2011   

Text and Hypertext in the Digital Age, The 21st Century Text. Jerusalem: Text and Publishing Studies, David Yellin College of Education.

Speaker. “Editorial Challenges in the Digital Age.” Israel Forum on Academic Writing (IFAW), Mofet Institute, Tel Aviv. Dec. 15, 2010.

Author, March 2010. The State of Contemporary Publishing. Available in pdf format from the author.

Speaker. The Text Continuum: What Editors and Translators Have in Common. Israel Translators Association annual conference. Jerusalem. Feb. 10, 2010


The 21st Century Text

Israel Translators Association

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