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Le Marais Vernier, Normandy June 2015

I am a writer of prose and poetry. I paint.

I work as a researcher and author, editor and planner, lecturer and mentor in the following areas:


  • Global Change / Development / Sustainability
  • Globalization and the Socioeconomic Impact of Technologies
  • Text and Publishing Studies, the World Wide Web
  • Middle Eastern and international affairs.

In the autumn of 2015 I began researching the effects of drought, climate change, disruptions in land use and poor resource management on the Syrian conflict and out-migration. Similarly, I am monitoring the literature concerning the effects of climate change, social unrest, drought and other factors in Central America.


The relationship between mind and body in the healing process is a subject of continuing interest to me and I watch out for material on these subjects. 


I recently researched the impact of Big Data on society and the individual.


I am also active in social, environmental and political causes and patient advocacy and support.


I regularly update my blog, Issues of the Day, which deals with all of these areas, on this website.

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