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About Rise

Since May 2011 Chapters One through Nineteen of Rise have been made available in monthly rotation to readers; the conclusion, Chapters Twenty and Twenty-One are not included in this series.

Beginning on July 1, 2015 the nineteen chapters serialized are presented anew.

The current monthly selection is Chapter Eighteen which will be available throughout March 2017.

Access Chapter One here

Access Chapter Eighteen here 

Rise is available in print from AmazonBarnes & Noble and other online vendors, and as an e-Book  from KindleGoodreads, and Smashwords.



What readers have to say about Rise...

Rise is an astonishing tale, as true as the breaking news from Israel… Embedded into the suspense-filled events and rich characterizations are compelling analyses of what must be done to correct Israel’s path and to release it from the stranglehold of a powerful minority. The issues are thoughtfully and clearly expressed… [and] make Yosef Gotlieb’s ideas and principles for a renewed and reawakened Israel come fully alive.

Phil JasonFederation Star, L’Chayim and The Jewish News 

an amazing story that should be read by many, a story of rising above the worst that man can demonstrate to create the best that all united can fashion. Wonderful contemporary fiction and well-crafted novel!!! -- Vivian Crystal, The Best Reviews

Rise, A Novel of Contemporary Israel

Oct. 28, 2015

by Yosef Gotlieb (Goodreads Author)

4.16 Stars of Five 

Amazon rankings, 4.9 Stars Oct. 19, 2015


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Tikkun Magazine Recommends Book (Summer 2012)

...a crackling good, fast-paced thriller that will have its readers turning pages well into the night....The action is warp speed, and Gotlieb skillfully creates main characters that seem like real, flesh-and-blood people with genuine human conflicts. 

Gotlieb is a top-notch writer, with a superb ear for dialogue and an extraordinary ability to grab and hold the attention of his audience. Rise is to be commended and recommended as both a thriller and a highly topical dramatic novel. 

-- Dr. Carl Hoffman, ESRA Magazine, Dec. 2011-Jan. 2012

This [Yosef Gotlieb's RISE] is an amazing book…. Everything is so real. This book is the story of the new Israel. The writer hopes for the rise of the real Israel. Israel of the Prophets and of Jewish ethics.


…masterful. Gotlieb is a natural story teller. One wishes that his way becomes Israel's way.

  - Daniel Ben-Simon, Member of the Knesset (Labor) and distinguished journalist 

This is a provoking novel of deep thought, written in a clear and beautiful language. Above the intriguing plot, fascinating characters and dramatic movement of this unique book, its greatest value lies in the presentation of a constant ray of hope.  The ultimate message we get is that if both the Israelis and the Palestinians succeed to rise to the challenge of reconciliation between them, the aspired vision of peace and well-being in Israel and in the whole region, can be

.reached…It should be read by all...

- Dr. Ada Aharoni, poet, writer, Founder, International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace 

[RISE] touches on and affirms so many things we feel are important if there will ever be a lasting and meaningful peace between the Israelis and Palestinians...I felt so excited reading your book and imagining how possible it is to grow a movement that works for the good of all. Yes, it will be a huge challenge...But the visionaries and innovators and risk takers can lead the way, like the characters in your novel.

- Libby Traubman, Jewish Palestinian Living Room Dialogue, California, USA 


Be prepared, once you have begun [Rise], to do nothing else but read it, because it is so gripping. Yosef Gotlieb writes masterfully about events in today's Israel, about a Peace movement, which, who knows, could happen even tomorrow. We needed this book, to give us hope, and maybe to give us ideas as to how to attain the peace we all desire.  


 - Helen Bar-Lev, poet, artist, Metula, Israel


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